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About Jevans Construction

Jevans plant pool is a private limited liability company, registered under the laws of Ghana with Head Office in Accra. The company is registered to carry out the business of plant pool, rentals/leasing of heavy Construction equipment, as well as Mining, Forestry, Agricultural and Sanitation machinery and equipment.

We also provide complete service support for all our equipment or products. Periodic maintenance is customized to suit customer's specific needs and equipment operational requirement. We offer assistance to our clients in the areas of fuel nozzle test bench, hydraulic pump test, fuel injection test bench, transmission and engine test bench. We have state of the art spare parts support center to meet and support customers' spare parts needs. The ideal behind this is to avoid possible isolation of equipment breakdowns.

Jevans plant pool is the representative of the world acclaimed original equipment manufacturers such as Caterpillar, JCB and Kumatsu, Yutong, Howo etc In order to create a large pool of mechanical engineers who would be readily available to undertake after-sales services wherever our products will be in the country.

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Work Strategy

At Jevans plant pool, we offer strategic plans to benefit both parties.Work is done within specified time frame.


Best Quality

At Jevans plant pool, we use the best quality peripherals and equipment in construction. Your car construction works will face no problems after visiting Jevans plant pool.


Specialist Engineers

We have specialists who are experts in the field. They boast of proficient knowledge in building and construction and use of heavy duty machines.


Skilled Workers

At Jevans plant pool,we have skilled workers who have special skills, training, knowledge, and ability in engineering.

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